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Monday Morning Musings

Christmas Afterthoughts


When Deb and I lived in Oregon we had three neighbor changes – two of which were answers to prayer – as in, we’re glad their gone. Our first one left her dog out in the backyard to bark at anything moving – like the grass – all day; the other had three little kids and a trampoline. Kids will be kids but about three hours of none-stop screaming and …well…they brought us cookies for Christmas. I’m not sure if they were a gift or a guilt offering but they were appreciated. On the other side of our house we had spiritual searchers. They were good neighbors and we had a lot of heart-to-heart talks about faith. I wonder, looking back, if they both saw Jesus in me. One was clearly easier than the other. I think…that Jesus would have went over and screamed with the kids and played with the dog. Of course, he would have been arrested or bitten [by the kids and the dog] but I’m just thinking out loud. What does Jesus living in the neighborhood look like?


There were a couple of observations and a question that I posed to you Sunday.

Things should change for you when Jesus comes into your life.

Things should change for others because Jesus has come into your life.

 Jesus is coming again – How are we being “Jesus in the neighborhood” until he comes again?

  1. What things can you name that have changed in your life because of Jesus? Not ten or twenty years ago, but this year, this month, this week? Jesus doesn’t start a work and not finish it.



  1. What impact have you had on other’s lives this year, month, week, because Jesus is working in you through his Holy Spirit.


  1. Pray about one or two things you can do this week, month, year that would help others see Jesus in a more urgent way.


Read Genesis 6:3 and Revelation 11:18-19. What is the common theme?


Pray that God would put a sense of urgency in your life this year and that you might be Jesus in…your neighborhood.

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