MMM Preparing for the Way

Monday Morning Musings

Luke 1:16-17

Second Week of Advent

[Thanks for your patience…we’ve been having internet issues. I’ll try and get this issue out before Sunday so that you can actually read it on Monday morning      : – )]

When Deb and I lived in Alpena our youngest daughter was still at home and so we still put up a Christmas tree – and it was a huge artificial tree. We had to get it down from the attic. Get all the tubs of lights and ornaments and garland and everything else Christmas that went up for the holiday season. It was usually a very stressful day and one seldom looked forward to, especially knowing that the reverse process was to take place in less than a month. Preparations are seldom exciting, in fact, they are often resisted and resented in some cases. However…when that tree was plugged in and we sat back on the couch with a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate…wow…memories. We have to remind ourselves of the joy that comes at the end of all the hard work. It was taxing but it was worth it.

Yesterday we talked about John the Baptist’s mission to prepare the way for the Lord’s first coming. At the close of the service I asked you three questions to prepare you for Christ’s second coming.

Are you listening? Which voice are you listening to?

Are you passionate about God, especially as a family?

Do you have a daily practice of repentance?

I hope you took time to answer those (if not, try to do so now).

Read Exodus 19:9-25.  This is a verse about God speaking, God coming down, and the people’s preparation for that encounter.

What does this passage tell you about God and how he views preparation?

For example, what does washing one’s clothes or abstaining from sexual relations as a married couple have to do with who God is and what he desires?

What does the word, “consecration” mean?

Pray and ask God, the Father, to reveal any area in your life that needs cleansing or areas perhaps where you need to fast and pray in order to hear his voice more clearly.

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