MMM Finding Your Place at the Table

Monday Morning Musings

“Finding Your Place at the Table”

Yesterday we celebrated the Lord’s Supper for the first time in 2017. It is a good way of being reminded that the Lord provides – not only for our salvation but his presence as well.

Here are the four attitudes that we sought to have as we gathered to the Table:

  1. We must come to the table with humility and a right perspective on who you are before the King.
  1. We are to come to the table as people in need and undeserving of his hospitality.
  1. It is a time to self-examine what is inside our heart or soul.
  1. Come to the table with tears, brokeness, and love for Jesus, but leave knowing that you have been forgiven and freed by His perfect love.

Think for a moment about all that is involved with having guests to your home for a meal. Planning, preparation, anticipation, celebration, enjoyment, consideration, contemplation, love, thankfulness, encouragement – these are a few things that I think about.

Read John 13. What things can you learn about Jesus’ attitude toward the Passover Supper?


What things do we learn about Jesus’ heart toward his disciples?



What lessons do we see him teaching?



What truths can we put into practice from this Lord’s Supper?



Take time to pray about things that the Holy Spirit is convincing you of today.

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