MMM An Almost Christmas

Monday Morning Musings
Week Three of Advent
“An Almost Christmas”
Luke 2

The third week of Advent is represented by a rose candle. It represents joy. What brings you joy at this time of year? It changes with age and with time, doesn’t it? Remember when you were little…you couldn’t wait to get up and see what presents were under the tree. Then you had kids and you couldn’t wait to see their faces when they opened their gifts. Joy in receiving. Joy in giving. Joy in simply being with each other and relatives that you might only see once a year.

Joy. How would you describe “inexpressible joy?” I remember the birth of my first daughter. I had to leave the room when she came into this world. I was overwhelmed with this new birth. I had no words to say but everything within me rejoiced at her presence and still does. As I reflect on this, my eyes are “sweating.” She is thirty-three years old and my heart still goes out to her as if she just came out of the womb. Joy. Joy. Joy. As with my baby girl as well…. (now 31).

As a parent, we get this wonderful insight into what it must have been like to have a new baby in the family. But this was no ordinary child. What inexpressible joy that moment must have been. I pity those who missed it.

I want you to reflect on a couple of passages this week.  Write out the connection to joy. Reflect on what this might look like in your own life.

Luke 2:16-19 (especially verse 19).


Hebrews 12:1-3.


Take time today and thank the Lord for the joy that he has graciously and mercifully allowed to come into your life, especially because of Jesus.

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